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All about my PIN

  • What is PIN-less dialing?

    PIN-less phone cards operate on Automatic Number Identification (ANI). Now you will no longer have to enter your PIN everytime you place a phone call. Once you setup your pinless phone numbers using your home number, your office number, your celular phone number or any number you usually call from, ANI technology automatically identifies your account and lets you place long distance calls without prompting you to enter your PIN. ANI makes long distance calling a breeze!

    Remembering and entering your PIN# every time you make a long distance phone call is now a thing of the past. You only have to take a few minutes to input your home number, office number, your cell phone number or any number that you will call from. Our system can automatically assign your PIN# to as many as 10 phone numbers. Once you have completed this simple set up, our system will recognize your PIN# and let you place call without entering your PIN#. Just enter a speed dial access number and your destination number. That is all it takes to get connected.

  • What are Speed Dials?

    Speed Dials are a great feature. This allows you to add most frequently added numbers to your account, use this feature to avoid dailing your contacts number. You can add up to 99 contacts.

    If like most, you call the same people on a regular basis, log into My Account and add these to your Speed Dial list, enter the desired numbers for speed dialing. A corresponding Speed Dial number (01, 02, 03, 04, 05, ...) will be associated with your most frequently dialed numbers. Next time you call with Valuedial, after hearing the IVR prompt to enter your destination number, simply enter the associated Speed Dial (01, 02, ...) followed by the hash key (#).

  • Why doesn’t my PIN work?

    Make sure that you’ve scratched off the whole panel so you can see all 10-digits of the number.

    If it still doesn’t work please send an email to (please include your card reference number, located at the bottom of the card).

  • What happens if I enter the PIN incorrectly?

    If you enter the wrong PIN or a wrong digit you can re-enter it afterwards.

    If you enter the PIN incorrectly three times you will automatically be transferred to customer services who will be able to help you.

Making calls

  • How do you call an international number?

    Choose an access number that is local to you, or use the Toll Free number to call the Valuedial calling card. When prompted by the recorded message, enter the phone number for the person you are calling overseas.

    The international number will be made up of:

    • The International Access Code (Exit Code or IDD) of the country you are in.
      For the US this is '011'

    • The Country Code for the country you want to call.
      For India this is '91'

    • The Area Code for the town, city or region, if there is one.

    • The phone number of the person you want to call

    For example, to call an Indian number from the US you should dial 011 91 22 12345678

  • Where can I call in the world?

    You can call every country with Valuedial. There are no restricted countries, but from time-to-time some areas may become unavailable due to third party technical or political reasons.

    Have a look at the rates page to see how much it will cost for your country.

  • Can I call more than one country?

    The same card can be used to call as many different countries as you like.
    You are not locked into calling just one area on the same card.

  • Can I call non-geographic or premium numbers?

    Our service is designed for calling regular landline and cell phone numbers. However, some premium or non-geographic numbers will work too.

  • What will the quality of the call be like?

    We use some of the best carriers around the world to ensure that we provide a great service for our customers.

    But if you have any issues with call quality do not hesitate to contact our customer services by sending an email to (please include your card reference number, located at the bottom of the card).

  • What’s the difference between local and Toll Free numbers?

    Local numbers have a geographic area code - Valuedial has a wide selection or towns within New York and Florida. The Toll Free access number is an 1-855 number that is free to call from most landlines.

    When you call one of the local numbers you’ll pay your operator’s standard charge for making a local call. Calls to local numbers are often included as part of your phone plan.

    Calls to the 1-855 Toll Free number will be charged at a 2c/min higher rate to cover the cost of providing this number.

Access numbers

  • What is an access number?

    Access numbers are the phone numbers printed on the back of the card and listed on this website, that you dial to start your call.

    We have a huge selection of local numbers to choose from. These will be the cheapest numbers to call from if you are in the same area code. There is also a

Payment and costs

  • How do I pay for calls?

    When you buy a pre-paid calling card you will get $2 or $5 of call credit pre-loaded, depending on the value of the card you purchased.

    When you make a call we will deduct credit from the card until it is empty. The amount of credit used will be determined by the country rate, the access number used, and the call duration.

    Calls are rounded up to the nearest minute.

  • What is the charge for calling from a payphone?

    When you call a Toll Free number from a public payphone there is a 0.99c per minute surcharge. This is to cover the additional running costs added on by the payphone operators.

  • Will it cost more to call the access number from a cell phone?

    There is no extra charge for calling one of our access numbers from your cell phone.

    Sometimes phone operators will charge you for calling an Toll Free number so we recommend that you use one of our local access numbers when using your cell phone. This will be cheaper as local calls are generally included in your free minutes.

  • Do you have any hidden costs?

    We have absolutely no hidden costs. Unlike other calling card companies we don’t charge maintenance fees, termination charges or call connection fees.

    All your credit goes on calls.

All about my account

  • Where do I find out how many minutes are left on my card?

    When you enter the phone number, you will be told the number of minutes you have remaining.

    Because the rates to each country are different, the number of minutes will change depending on where you are calling.

  • I can’t find an answer to my problem, who can help me?

    Be sure to check the number you are dialling first, and have a look through the info above for answers to common problems.

    If this doesn't solve it, please send an email (please include your card reference number, located at the bottom of the card).

Referral Program

  • How can I tell my friends about Valuedial?

    There are a variety of different ways to share Valuedial with your friends. You can share via email or post the link on your Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Alternatively, your friend can enter your email address associated with Valuedial when they sign up.

  • How do I make sure I receive my bonus?

    In order to receive your bonus your friend must sign up using your referral link or enter your email address when registering their Valuedial account. When you share Valuedial with family and friends using the tools on our website, we will include your referral link.

  • Where can I see my referrals?

    Your recommended friends can be reviewed on the Your stats tab of your account. These will be sorted by recommending method used.

  • When my friend signs up, how much money do they need to add?

    There is no minimum purchase amount to receive credit. You will receive the equivalent of 10% of your friend’s purchased credit for 90 days.

  • What is the maximum number of friends I can invite to Valuedial and receive bonus credit?

    There is no limit on how many people you can invite to join Valuedial. You will receive a bonus for every new customer who signs up using your referral link or email and adds credit to their account.

  • Where can I find my referral link?

    Your referral link can be located at the bottom of the page when you click on the Refer a Friend tab of your account.

  • How long after my friend adds credit will I see my bonus?

    This usually happens immediately after your friend’s order is completed. However, there are certain cases when orders may take a longer period to process due to verification reasons.

  • What happens to the bonus I’ve earned?

    Your bonus can be accumulated and redeemed as call credit or money** All bonus will be valid for only a twelve (12) month period. After that, the bonus will expire. You can review your available bonus at the Manage your bonus section.

    **This option requires an active Paypal account.

  • How can I redeem my bonus as cash?

    You need to have an active Paypal account linked to your Valuedial account and you can choose to transfer your bonus to your Paypal account. Once you have reached the payout threashold you will be able to redeem your bonus as cash.

  • Why did I not receive a bonus from my referral?

    Please review our Terms and Conditions to ensure you did not break any of our policies to earn free credit.

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