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CategoryLocality / Network Price(min)Price(max)
All Networks 0.3¢0.9¢
Kingston Communications, London0.3¢
Guernsey, Jersey, Manx0.5¢
All Networks 0.6¢
All Networks 0.6¢33.3¢
Vodafone, Sky Telecom fm1, Lycamobile fw7, Vodafone fm80.6¢
Virgin, l0.7¢
Three, Telefonica, Orange, EE, Tismi fw10, Magrathea fw10, Magrathea fw6, Simwood, Voxbone, AQL fw7, Core Communications fm11, TGL Services fw7, Vodafone CW fm16, Global Reach fw7, Resilient fw2, Limitless, Resilient, Magrathea fw3, UK Number Store fw9, Magrathea fm10, Tismi fw9, Lanonyx Telecom fw7, UK Number Store fw1, SwiftNet fm110.8¢
BT IPEX fw5, 24 Seven fw81.7¢
Gamma, BT IPEX fm142.1¢
Jersey Airtel11¢
Core Telecom fw9, Telecom 10 Ltd, Core Communications fw511.6¢
Guernsey Other12.7¢
Manx fm1115.8¢
Manx fm119.8¢
CESG, IP IPEX fw1, BT IPEX fm12, Ayat Solutions, Core Communications fm2, BT IPEX fm15,United Kingdom Mobile, BT IPEX fw4, BT IPEX fw8, Cloud9 fm1, Equinet fw8, Telecom2 fw7, fm1, Equinet fw9, fm2, Synectiv, Nodemax fw8, BT IPEX fw2, Marathon Telecom, Cloud9 fm14, SwiftNet fw7, 24 Seven fw9, Cloud9 fm6, Citrus fm10, BT IPEX fw7, AQL fw6, BT IPEX fm10, Cloud9 fm13, Oxygen8 fm1032.8¢
Callax fw9, BT IPEX fm5, Vodafone CW fw9, Cheers fw9, BT IPEX fw3, Oxygen8 fw9, AQL fw9, Callax fw7, Oxygen8 fw8, TalkTalk, Oxygen8 fw7, QX Telecom, Cheers fw833.1¢
CFL fw8, Fogg AB, Telecom2 fw9, Core Telecom fw8, Core Communications fw6, fm1233.3¢

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